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  1. Creating A Positive Workspace Attitude – At Home

    Settling into working from home has been difficult. At this point, we’ve been at it for longer than a year, here are some of the tools that we’ve found useful.

  2. 2021 Mid Year Round Up

    A catch up with what’s going on with us this year and what some of our mid-year goals are for the upcoming twelve months.

  3. The Cost Of Disengaging As A Business

    We all get tired of the grind from time to time but what are the costs associated with letting go of engagement within your business marketing?

  4. What Is The Investment For A Website?

    Are you wondering why websites seem to come at such a cost? We explain some of the reasoning here!

  5. Ethical Website Design and Dark Patterns

    Today we are discussing ethical web design and predatory practices in web design, which is an important topic, especially for us as web designers. A lot of people actually know or see these things and see these things on websites, but they don’t really understand how manipulative and unethical they really are. What is a dark pattern? Dark Patterns are […]

  6. Eurovision, Politics and Marketing – Speak Your Mind Or Not?

    It’s time for a celebration, this weekend after two years, Eurovision is back! This week the Avidmode ladies sat down for a chat about Eurovision, it’s inticate links to European politics and social matters and how this is reflected in small business marketing. Our top picks from the Avidmode team at Eurovision 2021: 12 Points go to Darkside – Blind […]

  7. Should You Use Video On Your Website?

    Time for another Avidmode Chat. One of the burning topics in web design of the last decade has been the use of video as a marketing tool. What are the benefits for a business, how can you use video content if you’re not totally comfortable being the focus point and is it neccessary for your business. The following blog post […]

  8. Website Design with Avidmode: Learning about Layouts

    This is a new series that we’re bringing to the blog, all about web design. If you have a background in graphic design or art, these concepts will be very familiar to you. If not, hop in and learn more about what website design is, what it’s made up of and how we use it in our own website builds […]

  9. How a website audit can help your business grow

    Would you buy a brand-new car and then completely neglect it? I’m pretty sure the answer is no! You’d keep an eye on the dashboard performance indicators, take it for its MOT when needed and make sure you serviced it regularly. That’s because all these things help to keep your car safe and performing at its best.  It’s the same […]