About us

Learn more about the team at Avidmode and what we care about.

A digital agency based in Maidenhead & Warrington.

Our goal is that you not only end up with a great website as a result of our work together but that you have an amazing experience along the way.

We want you to enjoy the process and know that a big part of your experience is tied to clear expectations that we both can meet.

On this page, you can get to know a little more about who we are as a team.


Daniel Ran, CTO

A Scandinavian on the run from the north, I was the kid who drew on his workbooks and filled them with stories about a time-travelling vampire instead of working.

I started making websites in late primary school, back when Microsoft FrontPage was still cool. Since then, I’ve been very excited by how much the web has changed how we communicate with each other.

The industry is fluid and keeping up with it implies learning something new most any given day. Since I can’t stop and have to keep moving, this seems like just the right place for me.


Kittie Walker, CMO

Born and bred in London, I have a long background in business management and business turnaround working for an international investment bank.

In 2007, I left the corporate sector and founded my own company, wanting to provide the kind of services that I’d always felt small businesses really needed; someone on their own level who’s been there themselves and faced the problems.

I specialise in the customer journey, user experience, conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation.


Gemma Koeman, Communications

My main role is working with clients to build a social media following and a solid engaging presence on all relevant social platforms.

I build relationships and expand reach through social media for a host of different businesses from retailers to financial services companies. Part of this role includes content creation for blogs, social media, newsletters and websites.

In my off time, I love to read, go on nature walks and start counting down to Christmas in July. I can normally be found with my two cats Sin-Sin and Phoebe snuggled in a duvet eating toffee crisps.


Robyn Walker, Graphic Design

My job is to translate how you want your brand to be seen and how your ideal clients need to experience your brand in order for them to engage with you. Believe it or not, these two requirements are not always in alignment.

I take your needs and the work that Kittie does and convert it into an experience that will engage and delight the visitors to your website.