Digital marketing

Being heard over the din of the internet is no mean feat. We're here if you need assistance promoting your business.

If you're not yelling about your business, you can't expect people to hear.

One of the most irritating parts of digital marketing is the time it takes to get it right. You've probably spoken to many an expert who's taken you right back to the start of the process and looked at your target market, vision and goals. All of that is fantastic, but you want something that you can put into action at the end of the day, right?

Our digital marketing services are built to focus on the marketing tools that you want to work with. Whether it's ad's or content distribution services, there will be something in there to help direct traffic toward your website and ultimately get you more sales.

If you'd like to focus on more than one tool at a time we are also able to combine them.

Digital marketing services

Most of our clients need one of the following project types.


Consulting & audits

We offer a range of solutions to meet your needs - to kickstart or reinvigorate your digital marketing efforts. Anyone who knows us knows we hate the word audit but think of it as a friendly health check that provides you with a workable plan to help move you forwards.

Do you need help?

  • Creating an overall website or digital marketing strategy.
  • Auditing your website from a user journey as well as from a technical perspective.
  • Shaping your pricing and positioning based on the current digital landscape.
  • Optimising what you already have with conversions in mind.

Starting at £2,000/month + VAT

We research, review and analyse before creating a bespoke document tailored to you and your audience.


Social media strategy

Social media is probably one of those jobs you can't find the time for, but you could be losing out on some major opportunities. Our social media support projects focus on getting the most out of social networks that your clients or customer hang out in.

Do you need?

  • A social media strategy to get you off on the right foot.
  • Guidance on the best way to approach social media for business.
  • Content creation for social media posts.
  • Advice on engagement and posting strategies.

Starting at £800/month per channel + VAT

Minimum 6 months contract. A setup cost of one monthly fee will be applied.


Content distribution

Content distribution allows you to reach your audience on the channels they’re browsing and the sites they’re visiting. It helps ensure that the content you worked hard on drives results for months and years to come!

We can assist you with:

  • Carrying out community research, keyword research and market research so that we start with data to guide our content distribution process
  • Driving traffic from the sites & channels your audience frequents back to the website.
  • Building backlinks to increase the site’s authority.
  • Create content and assets to accompany the content for distribution.
  • Distribute the content across chosen channels.

Starting at £3,300/month + VAT

Minimum 6 months contract. A setup cost of one monthly fee will be applied.


Ads & PPC

Our ads and PPC service include all the research required to create campaigns that map your target services and offerings and the keyword research needed to bid on the most effective target keywords.

We set your ads up to target specific locations, interests and advertising networks and adjust your bidding depending on relevant traffic.

Once up and running, we will continuously study the click data and optimise the account and ads to ensure that your budget isn’t wasted on clicks from non-targeted keywords or demographics.

As part of this service we:

  • Audit & configure your Google Analytics and Facebook accounts to track goals and conversion data.
  • Do paid advertising and keyword research.
  • Create ad campaigns and ad groups.

Starting at £1,370/month + VAT

Minimum 6 months contract. A setup cost of one monthly fee will be applied.


PR & brand awareness

PR is all about building your brand awareness and credibility in the marketplace. We provide strategic advice, direction and coaching on promoting your business message and amplifying your successes.

Would you like help?

  • Planning and implementing campaigns.
  • Building engagement, trust and advocacy through strategic communications.
  • Cultivating and maintaining relationships with reporters, editors and bookers at key media publications, outlets and programmes.
  • Collaborating on and draft press releases, messaging documents, talking points, FAQs, media Q&As.

Starting at £3,200/month + VAT

Minimum 6 months contract. A setup cost of one monthly fee will be applied.