A New Project Approaches: Blooming Fabulous Flowers

Welcome to another of our “A New Project Approaches” Series, speaking about our clients and the work we do with them. This week, we’re so excited to introduce you to a website update project and the lovely Louise!

What you need to know about Blooming Fabulous Flowers!

Blooming Fabulous Flowers are exactly that, Blooming Fabulous.

Louise and her team provide a range of props (many with flowers) to events such as Weddings, Birthdays and Christenings. The props add a dash of sparkle to any event that you could think of including flower walls for those perfect instagram opportunities, illuminated letters/numbers for a Hollywood feel and doughnut/prosecco walls!

We started working with Louise who needed an update to her website which she had originally built herself – and we’re here to wave our magic wand and add our own bit of sparkle…

What does the project look like?

There are three aims that we have with the site, those being;

  1. Fix up the user flow, make sure that her customers can navigate to all the pages they need quickly. This means taking the components of the old website and building them into a new version with updated navigation.
  2. Assist with her marketing process through use of a new blog, newsletter and updated contact page.
  3. To help Louise and Blooming Fabulous Flowers gain more traffic through her website!

Of course, number three is always one of our goals but we’ll count it anyway.

At the moment the website is looking great, we’ve given you a sneak peek below. We’ve added a few more pages to the website that on the original version to help customers find the answers they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Louise is working through the content for each of the pages to make sure everything is in tip top shape before we launch.

Our next steps once the content is in place is to make sure that everything looks good from an aesthetic standpoint and from a technical one.

If you are thinking about spicing up your event you can check out the social links for Louise and Blooming Fabulous below.

We can’t wait to see the Blooming Fabulous Flowers website flourish, we’ll of course update you when the new website is live!

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