2020 mid-year round-up

From the roaring 20s to the quarantined 20s –  What an absolute whirlwind of a year it has been so far. Honestly, that’s something we say all the time but…

From the roaring 20s to the quarantined 20s – 

What an absolute whirlwind of a year it has been so far. Honestly, that’s something we say all the time but 2020 is really taking the cake…

At the start of the year we had some really awesome plans in place to grow the business. We were looking at using collaborative work spaces, venturing out into face to face networking opportunities and building up the business in the North (Yes, in that strange place past Watford). 

Our plans came to a complete halt in March 2020 as lock down began. We had just spent a lovely (albeit rainy) day in Chester with Robyn for her birthday when lock down hit. It’s now well into July and we haven’t been together as a team, face to face for months. It’s been a really sad time in many ways but we are keeping our spirits up by making plans for the future!

Avidmode Website Development –

One of the major goals for this year was (and still is) to get our new website up and running. We’ve been trying to work out exactly how long the website has existed in this format but we can say that it’s been a long time and although it’s served us well, it’s time for something a bit different.

Our time in lock down has given us some great space to think about what our clients and prospective clients want from the website. We’re happy to say that we have begun planning the individual pages of the new website and are looking forward to getting deep into the design stages.

Future Plans – 

With us still working from home full time, some of our other plans have taken a trip round the block. This year we had planned to take a family trip to the Canary Islands and as well as a weekend visit to Dublin for a MCR concert. 

For the business we were considering making moves to be physically closer together (South vs North) as a team and spending some time each month working together in different co-working spaces across the country.

Eventually these plans make it back and we can focus on them but until then we’ve got more than enough to keep us going. For now we’ll keep busy with the website, putting effort into developing our amazing back end dev site and pivoting our business to focus on a new and exciting niche (possible blog post further down the line).

Networking – 

Networking in the north was another huge jump that we made this year, we were scheduled to attend the grand opening of the Preston Athena which was swiftly moved online.

Over the last few months we’ve made some amazing connections with ladies across the country. This month we’ll be looking at doing some collaborative work within the Preston group with the lovely Olivia, Lizzie and Sarah!

What have we got going on this summer?

Business: We are still working hard with our clients on creating websites and making businesses more visible on the web. We’ve got some great projects coming up within the education, trades and events sectors. Keep an eye on the blog for more information on these!

Leisure: Our plans to go out and enjoy some music were scuppered this year but we’ll be enjoying the release of some new games during the Autumn – Cyberpunk 2077 and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands topping the charts. 

We are also waiting with bated breath for more information on Baldurs Gate 3 and Elder Scrolls 6!

Team top shows of the year so far…

To round this quick catch-up off we wanted to leave you with some of our top choices for shows this year (Dan’s still TBD):

Dark – A fantastic Netflix original, it didn’t release this year but there was a third season that came out last month that Jim and I have been loving. It’s a German show (with subs) about time travel and mysterious murders! – Gem

Abstract: The Art of Design -A really interesting show about a subject close to the heart of Robyn (who finished her first year at University). She loves the wide amount of sectors and subjects they cover and how they all interconnect. One of my favourite episodes is on bio-architecture so go and check that out! – Robyn

Dead To Me – Brilliant show in it’s second season. Featuring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini who both struggle through grief and find they need each other to make it through. Really funny show that keeps you guessing! – Kittie

That concludes the round up for the first half of the year, here’s to the next six months! 🥂

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