WordPress hosting

We’re always working on making our WordPress hosting stack faster, smarter and more secure.

Speed and security have never been more important for websites. People are expecting near-instant responses and loading times, and they will vote with their wallets. And now that websites often store both private and valuable information, hackers are always looking for vulnerable targets. The bastards.

We’ve been hosting WordPress sites since 2011. In order to keep implementing everything we learn — by ourselves and from others — we decided that a fully managed solution was the only way to go. We administer the servers ourselves, allowing us to use exactly the right software for the task.

We provide our WordPress hosting to clients with Avidmode-developed websites as part of our end-to-end service offering.

Technical details
Terms of use

Key features

  • Fully managed hosting service, from migration to daily maintenance.
  • WordPress-optimised hosting for optimal performance.
  • Automatic file and database backups, stored off-site (on Amazon S3).
  • Dedicated email and phone support.
  • Mandatory HTTPS (provided for free, using Let’s Encrypt).