WordPress hosting details


  • File and database backups.
  • All backups stored off-site on Amazon S3.
  • Fault-tolerant RAID-10 storage.
  • 99.9% server uptime, monitored 24/7.


  • Server optimised for WordPress and HTTPS (SSL/TLS).
  • HTTP2 and TLS termination using nghttpx.
  • nginx as primary server.
  • PHP7-FPM, configured per-site to accommodate demand.
  • Object caching using Redis and response caching using a custom Node.js app.
  • Enterprise-grade Solid State Disks (SSDs).


  • Mandatory HTTPS-only with HSTS, certificates by Let’s Encrypt.
  • Configured for A+ rating by Qualys SSL Labs.
  • Automatic IP address blocking of spammers and hackers.
  • Deny by default configuration principle; all access is explicit.


  • Dedicated emergency email and phone support.
  • Complete migration and installation handling.