WordPress hosting details

These are the technical details of our fully managed WordPress hosting service.

Standard hosting
£20/month or £200/year

This price is liable to increase in the case of unusually high resource or bandwidth requirements.

All our servers are provided by Linode, running the latest LTS release of Ubuntu.


  • Two daily and one weekly file backup slots.
  • Seven daily database backup slots.
  • All backups stored off-site on Amazon S3.
  • Fault-tolerant RAID-10 storage.*
  • 99.9% server uptime, monitored 24/7.


  • Server optimised for WordPress and HTTPS (SSL/TLS).
  • HTTP2 and TLS termination using nghttpx.
  • nginx as primary server.
  • PHP7-FPM, configured per-site to accommodate demand.
  • Object caching using Redis and response caching using a custom Node.js app.
  • Enterprise-grade Solid State Disks (SSDs).*


  • Mandatory HTTPS-only with HSTS, certificates by Let’s Encrypt.
  • Configured for A+ rating by Qualys SSL Labs.
  • Automatic IP address blocking of spammers and hackers.
  • Deny by default configuration principle; all access is explicit.


  • Dedicated emergency email and phone support.
  • Complete migration and installation handling.
  • Compatibility guarantee with WordPress updates.

* Features marked by an asterisk are part of the standard Linode offering (which is awesome).