Workshop FAQs

How big can the groups be?

We tend to have one facilitator per four to six people in the session groups; the more groups there are, the longer the sessions are likely to be, but we can adapt this to your needs.

How long do they last?

There are multiple stages to the workshops. Some will have pre-work that will need to be prepared beforehand, then the sessions themselves that we run in blocks of three hours. These blocks can be over one day or multiple days, depending on what works best for your team. (Please note, the traffic building workshop runs over two days as there is much ground to cover).

How we deploy the workshops?

The workshops have been deployed both virtually and face to face. Depending on what you prefer, we are happy to do either, though we love seeing everyone face to face and enjoying tea/lunch breaks!

Any materials will be sent ahead of time if you decide that a virtual workshop works for you.

Payment terms?

We require 50% payment up-front to book your space in the diary, 40% after the workshop has been completed, and 10% once final reports (if any) are delivered.

After workshop support?

We offer assistance to the group after the workshop has been completed. We will send out any documents mentioned via email and answer any questions you have for a week afterwards.

Who are your trainers?

The trainers change from workshop to workshop; we have specialists who deliver on particular topics. However, Kittie and Gemma will always be your first point of call.