Web audits

A handmade, comprehensive analysis of your website and online presence.

Websites are like people. When they’re unwell, everybody knows. You can tell within moments of interacting with them. But you need a doctor and a lot of equipment to discover exactly what the problem is inside. The signs are all there; it’s just a matter of knowing how to read them.

Our web audits are a holistic team effort to discover everything that does and doesn’t work on a website, including any marketing campaign that surrounds it. The report also contains our own hand-written advice on how to solve each problem. These recommendations are what we would do ourselves. Some are easily implemented by anyone, others require help from a professional.

What’s in the report?

Top 10 issues

Graded by severity, the top 10 issues currently affecting your website, including our advice for how to fix them.

A workable plan

Our guide, based on your situation, on how to improve other aspects of your site, with which steps to take and in what order.

Illustrative screenshots

To explain certain concepts and guide you through the report, we’ll include screenshots of your site with annotations.

Three weeks of email support

After delivery, we’ll be right here to help you by answering any questions you may have and providing additional advice in case something isn’t clear.

Avidmode led me through topics I had not considered for successful online marketing that made a big difference for my website. In turn, this brought value to my business and meaningful results that I have seen in lead generation and conversion.

— Keri Jaehnig, Idea Girl Media

Audit types

Our web audit service comes in three different types. Which one is best for you depends on your website. If you are unsure which one is for you, you’re more than welcome to get in touch and we can guide you through the process.

LegendStandard1,500Personalised2,000Ecommerce4,000 Standard Personalised Ecommerce
Comprehensive analysis
Three weeks email support
Tailored to your needs
Sales funnel analysis
1,500 2,000 4,000

All three prices include VAT.