1. Eurovision, Politics and Marketing – Speak Your Mind Or Not?

    It’s time for a celebration, this weekend after two years, Eurovision is back! This week the Avidmode ladies sat down for a chat about Eurovision, it’s inticate links to European politics and social matters and how this is reflected in small business marketing. Our top picks from the Avidmode team at Eurovision 2021: 12 Points go to Darkside – Blind […]

  2. Mince Pie Mania

    This week we are discussing something a little different. A couple of years ago we lost someone very special to us – a family member who took her own life. The advent of a simple and sudden phone call had a huge impact on our family, one which we are still dealing with today. Losing someone close to you in […]

  3. Identifying your goals for the new year

    Goal setting is a really important part of December/Jan for us here at Avidmode. Like a lot of people, the reflection bug grabs us and forces us to take a look at what we have done through the year. We all know that setting goals is something that is good for business and also good for your personal life, but […]