About us

We like to keep our feet on the ground, but not even an inch away from exciting adventure.

Since 2007 we’ve been doing this, and it is so different now compared to back then. It would seem the only constant on the web is change, always replacing old challenges with new ones. It makes our work more interesting and more difficult. But mostly more rewarding.

Anyway, we started out as two people with backgrounds in banking and mischief (admittedly not much of a difference there), and now we’re a new world company with a people-first approach. Everything we do is based on cooperation.

It’s hard to demonstrate that here, so drop us a line and we can tell you all about it.

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Design, development

A scandinavian on the run from the north, I was the kid who drew on his workbooks and filled them with stories about a time-travelling vampire instead of working. I started making websites in late primary school, back when Microsoft FrontPage was still cool.

Since then, I’ve been very excited by how much the web has changed how we communicate with each other. The industry is fluid and keeping up with it implies learning something new most any given day. Since I can’t stop and have to keep moving, this seems like just the right place for me.

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Strategy, coaching

Born and bred in London, I have a decades-long background in business management working for an international investment bank. In 2007, I left the corporate sector and founded my own company, wanting to provide the kind of services that I’d always felt small business really needed; someone on their own level who’s been there themselves and faced the problems.

I love seeing the people I work with succeed in their endeavours. That’s my favourite reward of all.